Virginia is For Tacos During Coronavirus Pandemic

by Lee Hernly, Editor
With Virginia restaurants closed for dine-in and open for take out/delivery due to the coronavirus pandemic, Yelp says we Virginians LOVE having tacos delivered.

With Virginia restaurants closed for dine-in due to the coronavirus pandemic, takeout and delivery have become even more popular. Virginia may be for lovers but, according to Yelp, we love our tacos too.

Yelp’s data folks took a look at what people have been consuming the most in each state so far during the quarantine for takeout and delivery. They compared how often a dish was ordered in each state over others to find “how American taste buds differ from state to state and region to region.”

Some of the results aren’t surprising, such as pizza being the overall most popular takeout food in the U.S. However, Illinoisans apparently prefer thin crust pizza over Chicago-style deep dish.  Everyone in Virginia, North Carolina, and Arizona love feasting on tacos. What is your favorite taco place in Alexandria? Sound off in the comments below.

See the rest of the results here.

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