Beverley Hills

Hyper-local news & events happening in the Beverley Hills neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia. Former president Richard M. Nixon lived in Beverley Hills when he was just a congressman, and the neighborhood includes the site of a makeshift Civil War hospital where poet Walt Whitman reportedly worked as a nurse.

About Those Helicopters Overhead in Alexandria Yesterday

About those military helicopters that were hovering over and around Alexandria, Virginia on the banks of the Potomac yesterday.

Alexandria Neighbors Help Family Impacted by Tragedy

Alexandria, Virginia neighbors are joining together to help the family who lost their son in a tragedy last week. Find out how you can help the family here.

Medical Examiner Rules Beverley Park Death a Homicide

Sources have confirmed that the Medical examiner's office has ruled Monday's death in Beverley Park in the Beverly Hills area of Alexandria, Virginia as a homicide.

Alexandria Police Identify Victim in Homicide at Beverley Park

The victim of yesterday's homicide in Beverley Park in Alexandria, Virginia has been identified as Jose Luis Ferman Perez, 24, of Alexandria.

Local News Report on Homicide in Alexandria’s Beverley Park

Via ABC 7 News, here's their report on this morning's homicide in Beverley Park in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia.

Alexandria Police Investigate Attempted Burglary with Helicopter Assistance

The Alexandria Police Department late last night investigated reports of a suspicious person lurking near houses or attempting to break into houses in the Tennessee Avenue and Manor Drive area.

Alexandria Police Respond to ‘Shots Fired’ Call Near Beverly Hills

Late last night, the Alexandria Police Department investigated a report of shots fired in the 3800 block of Elbert Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia. Details..

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