Monday, January 27, 2020
REMINDER: Good news, baseball fans, WMATA will provide late-night weekday service for the playoffs courtesy of LivingSocial, the D.C.-based online deal site, which will cover the cost. To read more click this link.
After almost a year since the name change was approved, new signage is going up around the King Street Metro Station near our Carlyle neighborhood.
Via WUSA9, in a little more than a year, you could ditch your car and take Metrorail to Tyson's Corner.
Kytja Weir at the Washington Examiner breaks down the numbers. Basically, the long distance riders and paper fare card users will get hit the hardest.
Kiss and Ride, but don't park. That's the idea behind Alexandria's new $7 million plan to redesign the King Street Metro station. Under the plans, riders will say 'goodbye' to the 30 parking spaces and 'hello' to new landscaping, bicycle parking, larger bus waiting and layover areas. City officials say having a suburban parking lot is out of place in a metropolitan area, and so they want to reshape the surface parking lot into a transit hub that increases pedestrian safety.
Metro riders accustomed to their routines will have to start paying more attention starting June 18 when the transit agency begins train service dubbed "Rush Plus" -- or they could end up at the wrong station. How will it affect riders on the Blue and Yellow lines?
Heading to National Airport this weekend? Going shopping at Pentagon City? Heading to downtown D.C. this weekend? If you're thinking of taking Metrorail to do any of the above or more, you may want to make other plans. Beginning at 10...