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Saturday, March 23, 2019
I was out walking my new son the other night when we crossed by the front of the Westin Alexandria hotel here in Carlyle and noticed two new albeit pretty nice looking signs had gone up for the Trademark...
There's a new Subway opening up in the ground floor of the Meridian @ Eisenhower Metro (see photo below...). That makes three Subway's now within walking distance of Carlyle. There's one in the 1500 block of King Street, one...
The planning commission, which has been messing up my town for years now, will be hearing two cases involving two businesses that want to operate here in our Carlyle neighborhood.The first is the long awaited Starbucks Coffee shop that...
Tonight, while researching some background on a multi-part piece I expect to start this weekend, I came across this doozy of a story over at the Washington Business Journal.JM Zell Partners Ltd. is negotiating with the City of Alexandria...


Hi neighbors - JD here. Carlyle Newz Guy was nice enough to let me contribute to his great blog. I live at Carlyle Mill and work in the neighborhood as well. I've been posting sporadically at my old blog,...
The Upper King Street Fresh Farmers’ Market offers area residents and commuters the opportunity to shop for fresh, locally grown produce, home made goods and bakery items. The market, located at King Street Gardens Park (1806 King St., just...
Wealthy communities, by their very nature, tend to be small and exclusive.Bizjournals has identified 10 wealth centers -- communities that manage to blend substantial size (populations above 100,000) with considerable affluence. America's top-rated wealth center, according to the...

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