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Love what you read on Port City Wire? Want to share your neighborhood news with an active audience? Got an interesting topic that will get people talking? Let us know, and you could be our next contributor!

We are looking for volunteer bloggers/contributors who are as passionate about Alexandria, Virginia as I am. We are looking for folks who live and/or work in any of Alexandria’s neighborhoods to write about community happenings, movie reviews, local events, business promotion, transportation issues and even just taking photos.

We are always looking for multiple authors to post on a regular basis (e.g. Arts & Entertainment, community news, food, etc). You don’t necessarily need blogging experience to write for us. All you need is the desire to write about your neighborhood, and a willingness to collaborate with us as you move from idea to draft to a published post.

What kinds of posts are found on Port City Wire?

The Port City Wire community informs and engages people about news and events happening in the neighborhoods of Alexandria, Virginia. We publish content from volunteer writers on a variety of topics (see example here).

We’re looking for people to write about these topics and others!

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Still stuck? Can’t think of anything to write about? If you’ve read this page and want to know more, hit me up at this link and let’s chat.  We’re looking for photographers and more!

Legal mumbo jumbo

We edit all articles to meet our standards. By contributing, you agree to let us edit and publish your content on our website as well as grant us a royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify your submission in any form and on any media.